Standards and sertificates

Quality Policy of the Alatnica Martinović is an integral part of the overall business policy of the company and it is based on generally accepted commitment of all employees to engage all available resources in order to create conditions for improving the quality of operations in all its segments.

Our main objectives are to fully meet customer requirements while achieving maximum effects of business, steady growth and respect for the interests of employees and continuous care of environmental protection.

In accordance with the stated goals, the basic policy principles are:

  • the quality and safety of products and services must fully meet the requirements, needs and expectations of the customer;
  • improving the quality is a task and responsibility of the management and is a continuous process;
  • achieving and maintaining product quality in accordance with recognized standards and norms through increased effectiveness and efficiency;
  • responsibility for quality assurance belongs to all sectors and individual perpetrators for the tasks they perform;
  • establishing a system of feedback from customers with the research and analysis required and the possibility of their implementation;
  • quality improvement of suppliers and establishing partnerships with the aim of continuous quality supply;
  • establishment of a climate of good cooperation and affiliation of companies in which all employees understand their roles, powers and responsibilities;
  • adoption of principles improvements of processes and products through the promotion of quality policies are always possible;
  • environmental protection, health and safety of employees, are permanent responsibility of each employee through the effective implementation of legislation in the field of environmental protection

Iso 9001